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Program Director - Gardens on 6th

St. Vincent De Paul Housing Facilities, Inc.
Job Description
St Vincent De Paul Housing Facilities is a part of the Society of St. Vincent De Paul, a catholic lay organization focused transforming our member’s lives through service of the poor. Our mission, at The Garden’s Sixth (a Transition Living Program serving those individual men and women successfully completing a local shelter program) is that with respect and compassion, motivated by gospel values and following the mission of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, The Gardens on Sixth will strive to support our residents as they transition from a state of homelessness to housing security by providing them safe, temporary, and affordable housing via programs that provide personal development and training programs.

We are looking for a self-motivated, service oriented, and hard-working individual who will put big love into the little things of life. An ideal candidate for this position would exemplify virtue, have at least a bachelor’s degree in social work from an accredited university, possess a current license to practice social work, and have management experience. This candidate must possess a great, but humble courage to face a myriad of challenging situations on a day to day basis.

If you feel you are called to serve the poor, encouraging them to improve their lives, and improve your own through that service, please submit a resume, with a cover letter, and references pertaining to your previous place(s) of employment to johnpaul@SVDPhaven.org.

This position will pay $30,000 to $50,000 salary per year depending on qualifications.

Duties and Responsibilities:
?h Completes an initial needs assessment and acts upon critical needs appropriately and immediately
?h Orients clients to the programs, requirements and consequences
?h Assures that basic nutrition and hygiene needs are being met
?h Supportive Housing Case Manager interviews and counsels prospective clients for the Supportive Housing Program
?h Oversee all Gardens on 6th operations as directed by Executive Director.
?h Execute/follow appropriate documents/contracts with residents.
?h Ensure that all residents have all necessary items and they are functioning properly.
?h Report maintenance needs in a timely manner by “work order form.”
?h “Flip” apartments within (10) business days.
?h Carefully interview potential residents – final approval for each resident(s) is required from the Executive Director.
?h Aid Executive Director in Grant research/writing as directed
?h Meet all deadlines as provided by Executive Director or Board.
?h Oversee interns at the Gardens, as directed by the Executive Director
?h All hiring or firing of any employees, interns or volunteers will be handled by the Executive Director. Any disciplinary action, excluding residents, to be approved by the Executive Director prior to implementation
?h Attend community events, only as directed by the Executive Director
?h Maintain a minimum of 15 (open) office hours/week – 50 weeks/year, outside of conducting classes (open office hours to be posted and consistent).
?h Work a minimum of 2,000 hours/year.
?h Attend weekly staff meetings.
?h Execute all assignments as directed by Executive Director

Case plan:
?h Oversee all Programing at Gardens on 6th
?h Oversee all conferencing with Residents
?h Provide weekly reports to the Executive Director citing general “action plan” progress for each resident, including but not limited to budgeting, and financial status of their monthly program fee.
?h Ensure that all residents apply for Habitat for Humanity.
?h Develops a comprehensive client-driven action plan with both short-term and long-term goals identified
?h Completes a timeline and measures for each goal
?h Monitors progress towards goals in regularly scheduled weekly conferences
?h Evaluates and adjusts case plans as needed and provides written warnings with consequences if satisfactory progress is not being met
?h Empowers clients to become involved in their own planning and goal setting
?h Refers clients to appropriate resources to assist with meeting goals
Recordkeeping and Reporting:
?h Maintains client files to include conversations, warnings, progress towards goals and documentation of any incidents
?h Report critical incidents immediately to the Program Director and the Executive Director
?h Collects data necessary to meet funding requirements and statistical reports
?h Completes the daily bed log, capacity reports, case management logs, turnaway reports and exit reports in a timely manner
?h Maintain all financials/records relating to the Gardens on 6th
?h Deliver all financial reports to our accountant for previous month within 48 hours of month end or as requested by Executive Director.
?h Submit to financial audit as ordered by Executive Director, Board or accountant at any time.
?h Maintain pertinent statistics for Gardens on 6th – provide monthly or as requested, reporting to Executive Director or Board
Property Management:
?h Assures the safety of property through frequent tours of the facilities inspecting for any hazards or repair needs
?h Reports any hazards to a superior for immediate attention; communicates with the resident managers to insure safety for the residents
?h Report maintenance needs in a timely manner by “work order form.”
?h Facilitates the repair process in collaboration with a superior
Teamwork and Collaboration:
?h Works in collaboration with program and all other agency staff to facilitate a team environment
?h Role models virtue-living and effective team behaviors
?h Demonstrates effective communication skills in building relationships with all employees and residents.
?h Creates good working relationships with local welfare administrators and other area service providers and support groups to facilitate the access to area resources for the clients
?h Substitutes for other staff when need arises

SVH Values and Culture:
?h Treats all clients, visitors and employees with BIG LOVE, caring, kindness, respect and dignity
?h Adheres to St. Vincent Haven policies, procedures, code of conduct and attendance rules
?h Maintains strict confidentiality of all information.
?h Adheres to the policies in the use of computer technology and all tele-communication devices
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