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Senior Land Use Planner

Licking County Government
Job Description

Minimum Qualifications:
Bachelor's Degree from a four-year college or university; and five (5) years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. 
Additional Qualifications (Agency/Dept. Qualifications):
Excellent written & verbal communication skills (presentation, reports, plans, regulations, etc.).  Broad knowledge of planning fields, trends and methods.  Graphical skill & creativity.  GIS proficiency (ArcMap, statistical data, web maps, etc.).  Ability to research, collect data and apply information (statistical analysis & methods).  Efficient & organized in project management.  Excellent interpersonal skills for facilitating relationships with officials, customers, staff, etc.  Experience in Adobe Creative Suite.  Experience with multiple zoning methods (
form based codes, performance zoning, etc.).  Experience working with regulatory documents (i.e. zoning, subdivision, storm water, floodplain).  Experience providing assistance to local communities, boards & committees.  Experience working with residents, property owners and business leaders.  Valid Ohio driver’s license.
Hours:          40 hours per week                   Salary:            $50,000 - $65,000, depending on qualifications
Summary: “Licking County Planning & Development is a great team of people that have the privilege of guiding a growing central Ohio community in various facets of development, infrastructure, and quality of life.  Our team consists of multiple planning professionals that have the opportunity to impact our community through housing programs, transportation planning, land use & environmental controls, and community planning.  We achieve results through a variety of short-term projects and long-term planning efforts.  We currently have a professional planning position open and welcome your interest in joining our talented team.
The Senior Planner is a high-level position with a significant degree of responsibility and technical expertise. The Individual in this position shall be a self-starter, be able to make sound judgment in regards to planning issues, and have the ability to work individually as well as in a team environment. Responsibilities include but are not limited to formulating comprehensive and functional land use plans/studies, preparation
oflong range capital improvement programs, conducting professional planning work of moderate difficulty, and project management.
The individual in this position may serve as a mentor to other staff members, provide guidance and leadership in projects, and assist in their education and training within the field and department at the direction of the Planning Manager and/or Director. 
Inaddition this position will represent the Planning and Development Department in a professional manner in public settings.
The ideal candidate possesses the following skills and abilities: 1) Excellent written & verbal communication skills (presentations, reports, plans, regulations, etc.); 2) Broad knowledge of planning fields, trends, and methods; 3) Superb graphical skill and creativity; 4) GIS proficiency (ArcMap, statistical data, Web Maps, etc.); 5) Ability to research, collect data, and apply information (statistical analysis and methods); 6) Efficient and organized in project management; 7) Excellent interpersonal skills for facilitating relationships with officials, customers, staff, etc.
The ideal candidate possesses experience in the following areas: 1) Adobe Creative Suite; 2) Multiple zoning methods (
Form Based Codes, Performance Zoning, Euclidean, etc.); 3) Regulatory documents (i.e. zoning, subdivision, stormwater, floodplain); 4) Assisting local communities, boards, and committees; 5) Interaction with residents, property owners, and business leaders.”
  • Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance.
  • Promotes and maintains positive and effective working relationships and promotes good public relationships as a representative of Licking County Government.
  • Will represent themselves, the department, and the county in a professional manner at all times.
  • Maintains complete, accurate, and well organized records at all times.
  • Operates as a team and as such may require a team effo11to complete tasks in a timely manner. This may require staff to assist in duties that are otherwise not considered a pa11of that individual’s duties in order to ensure this office functions properly and work is completed on time. (Examples may include covering for other staff when they are out of the office, completing large mailings, assisting customers at the counter if other staff is otherwise detained, etc.)
  • May mentor other staff and provide guidance and leadership in projects at the direction of the Planning Manager and/Director.
  • Assist in the training and education within the field and department at the direction of the Planning Manager and/or Director.
  • Performs comprehensive, in-depth project management responsibilities and conduct professional planning work; manages projects and programs with minimum supervision.
  • Represents the LCPC or LCATS in public settings.
  • Works largely in the formulation of comprehensive and functional plans/studies and in the preparation of long­ range capital improvement programs, and coordination of other countywide plan work.
  • Works in conceit with other planners assembles, collates, collects, and processes data into reports concerning
population, resources, economy, transportation, health , utilities, pollution , and other subjects; analyzes relevant data for use in evaluation and presentation of planning problems; prepares land use plans, (preliminary) maps, comprehensive plans, functional maps, data tables, and transportation planning material; coordinates collection of demographic material.
  • Participates in planning projects for local jurisdictions; provides planning-related research as required; performs technical and statistical analyses using computers.
  • Participates in public and private meetings concerning plann
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  • g, presents proposals to the co
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  • ty, and provides explanations of issues involved.
  • Evaluates and prepares staff recommendations on zoning resolutions and zoning map amendment applications; participates in the evaluation of subdivision applications and Jot splits.  Provides reports and presentations to the Licking County Planning Commission Board and Licking County Board of Commissioners.
  • Assists townships with rewrites and amendments to their township zoning resolutions and provide guidance and recommendations to townships in interpreting and enforcing their zoning resolution and assistance with resolving township-zoning issues.
  • Enforces and upholds the purposes and intent of the Licking County Subdivision Regulations; may conduct o site inspections of planning projects to ensure that the contractors, officials and developer s are in compliance with project plans (e.g. material s, construction methods, rules, regulations, etc.); notes and reports any violations of project for further actions.
  • Addresses general inquiries, map-making requests, data collection, records requests, etc.
  • Meets all job safety requirements and all applicable OSHA safety standards that pertain to the essential functions of the position and a
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  • l agency safety procedures.
  • Remains informed of current developments and procedures pertinent to duties; may be required to attend seminars/training.
Application Procedures:  Submit completed application, resume and cover letter to the Licking County Human Resources Department, 20 South Second Street, 3rd Floor, Newark, Ohio 43055.  Applications can be obtained in person in the Human Resources Department between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily or printed from the web site at www.lcounty.com.
Successful candidates will be subject to Licking County’s pre-employment drug screen
Licking County is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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