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Financial Aid Assistant

Job Description


Job Type: Part-Time 28 hours per week

Location: Adult Education

Qualifications: Answer inquiries from prospective students via email and phone; Advise students on how to apply for financial aid, other sources of assistance, how to enroll, etc. Assist students with FAFSA. Data Entry on Pell and Student loan worksheets used to track student’s enrollment, financial aid application process, and Pell and loan disbursements. Draw in and review ISIRs, contact and assist students who have been selected for verification'; and complete verification of FAFSA data. Prepare student files for enrollment and financial aid meeting. Set up student financial aid appointments for enrollment. Data entry; scan documents into registration software and federal systems. Follow up with enrolled students for entrance counseling and MPN, if necessary. Assist with student exit counseling. Follow up of student loan status for graduated or withdrawn students and work with WISS.

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